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Project Description:

How has it come to be that artists, scientists and scholars use this prickly word “performance” to describe a similar interest in material actions and temporal processes despite being situated in radically different cultures of knowledge? Performativity and Technics will aim to answer this question by linking concepts and practices of performance across three disciplines: (1) performance studies, (2) Science and Technology Studies’ (STS) formulation of the “performative” idiom in techno-scientific practice and (3) the new media arts in the arenas of biotechnical art, new “performative material” explorations in architecture and computer-based interactivity. All of these disciplines use the term performance to similarly describe a dynamic, time bound event or occurrence, yet neither performance studies, STS nor New Media theory/practice has really sought to understand the resonances and connections of the concept across these different disciplines.

The project will thus link the traditional human focus of performance studies with the non-human focus of STS and New Media where artists and practitioners increasingly attribute performative agency to technical systems in the creation of interactions between the human and technical environment. Through its interdisciplinary approach, the research will build bridges and advance knowledge between scholars and artists engaged in both humanities-based research and artistic practices with new technologies.

Performativity and Technics will use complementary theoretical and practice-based methods to explore this kaleidoscopic world of performance among new media art, science studies and technology. The theoretical framework will explore the differences between performance studies’ embodied understanding of human agency (Butler), Science and Technology Studies’ concept of material agency and the performativity of matter (Barad, Haraway, Pickering) and specific twentieth century philosophers of technology who investigate the dynamical interaction and evolution of technical systems in their environments (Simondon, Stiegler, Canguilhem, Guattari). The theoretical framework will be then tested against the actual studio-lab practices of real artists and designers. Methodological instruments of participatory observation, structured and unstructured interviews and audio-video documentation of studio-lab work will be used to bridge the theory/practice split by demonstrating how these artists/researchers through their actions imagine, conceive, discuss, design and implement artistic works which mix up human and non-human actors and agencies (creators, instruments, objects, technologies, viewers-participants-inhabitants) in performative contexts.

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Standard Research Grant. Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada.


November 2010-November 2013


Labxmodal (Concordia University)– Chris Salter (PI), Harry Smoak, Jaclyn Meloche, Valerie Lamontagne, Adam Basanta, Lenka Novakova, David Szanto, Margaret Westby